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For those who want to reach more people with your work.

This is a service that allows you to
reveal your
only to those who

You can use it in the following ways

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The second part of the novel will be revealed only to those who retweeted the first part of the novel.

The number of characters is unlimited. Some of the text can also be made limited public.

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Only the first episode of the comic is available for free, and the second episode is only available to followers.

The number of images is unlimited. You can also post comics and blogs.

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Post a spoiler tweet.

Only the spoiler can be hidden.

3 steps to post

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1、Let's Login !

As long as you have a Twitter account, it's easy enough for anyone to use!

Click the button to register!

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2、Post your contents !

You can post text, images, and videos.

Try posting a blog, comic, or novel!

You can set the public range to "retweeted" or "liked".

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3、Let's Tweet !

You can tweet the content you posted.

You can edit or delete your post after you've submitted it, so feel free to post it!

This is how they use it.

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